Kinesio Taping

Here at A Cegonha we take preference in promoting natural ways of treatment. The Kinesio Taping offered by us is specialized in the prenatal and postnatal period for mother and child. The material used is an elastic tape without any medical additives. It works through the sensors of the skin and effects the muscles underneath. There are several taping techniques which can be used.

These are the cases which can be recovered by taping:

  • Pregnant women:
    • Tension in the neck muscles
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Incorrect support of abdominal weight
    • Pain in the lower back
    • Sacroiliac joint syndrome
    • Symphysis pubis dysfunction
    • Swollen legs (lymphatic drainage)
  • Postpartum women:
    • Galactostasis and mastitis
    • Abdominal muscle weakness
    • Diastasis recti
    • Regression delay of the uterus
    • Blood loss problems
    • Micturition problems
    • Constipation
    • Caesarean scar (>2 weeks postpartum)
    • Menstrual pain
    • Prolapsing uterus or bladder
  • Newborn child
    • Problems with sucking
    • Umbilical hernia
    • Colic