Labour Care

When that first contraction has passed, you will realize that the time is near for you to finally meet your child. For you to arrive to that destination there will be some work to go through. If you wish to have a midwife at your side to assist you through the labour in a familiar setting where you feel completely comfortable, A Cegonha will be there at your home. A good start of the labour is essential for it to progress faster, be less painful, be less intervening and increase a better health outcome of you and the baby. We will accompany you and decide together with you when it’s time to transfer to the hospital for the final phase of the labour and the birth. We will await you back at home in case you wish to use our Postnatal Care services. If you decide to have our Labour Care service we will be on call for you 24/7 starting from week 37+0 of your pregnancy till your labour starts.

Labour Care includes:

  • Monitoring of mother’s wellbeing:
    • Blood pressure
    • Temperature
    • Psyche (psychological support)
  • Monitoring of baby’s wellbeing:
    • Baby’s heart beat
    • Movements
    • Position
  • General obstetric observations:
    • Physiological labour progress
    • Vaginal examination
    • Contractions
  • Therapies:
    • Massage
    • Hormone stimulation
    • Alternative medicine
    • Labour exercises