Postnatal Care

Pregnancy and the days after childbirth can be a hectic time. Being properly helped and guided during the postpartum period can help you to relax more and make this period go smoothly. Postnatal Care includes a professional and complete examination of the mother and child. We are happy to answer your questions and clear any doubts you might have as a parent. For example by helping you through a successful breastfeeding period. If you wish we can be by your side from the first day after delivery. You are welcome to make a single appointment or as many as you need. We advise you to arrange your postnatal care during the pregnancy. But it’s also possible to book an appointment during the postpartum period or even after it (still being the breastfeeding period).

Postnatal consultations include:

  • Birth anamneses
  • Check-up mother:
    • Vital signs
    • Functional status (mobility, rest, pain & excretions)
    • Breasts & lactation
    • Psyche (psychological support)
  • Check-up baby:
    • Temperature, weight & color
    • Functional status (movements, rest & excretions)
    • Neonatal observation (umbilical cord, reflexes & skin)
    • Drinking behaviour
  • General postnatal check-up:
    • Abdominal palpation & examination (regression of the uterus)
    • Blood loss
    • Observation of birth injuries
  • Advice & guidance:
    • Parent-child bonding
    • Nutrition
    • Hygiene
    • Contraception