Prenatal Care

Every pregnancy is different, and every mother unique. This is why we strive to deliver a perfectly fitted prenatal care for you. Prenatal Care includes a professional consultation where the wellbeing of the mother and the unborn child will be monitored. We are happy to answer your questions and clear any doubts you might have during the pregnancy. If you wish we will be by your side from the first day of your pregnancy until the last. You are welcome to make a single appointment, but we are also happy to look after you several times during your pregnancy. We advise consultations once a month and starting from week 34 of the pregnancy we advise a consultation once every two weeks. However, this is only a general indication: more and fewer appointments may be scheduled depending on your personal situation. Once again, you are encouraged to ask any questions you may have.

Consultations include:

  • Anamnese:
    • Due date (includes cycle history)
    • Previous pregnancies
    • Health conditions (mother, partner and family)
    • Personal situation & work circumstances
  • Check-up mother:
    • Blood pressure & weight
    • Urine
    • Psyche (psychological support)
    • Observation of common pregnancy ailments
  • Check-up baby:
    • Movements
    • Heartbeat
    • Growth & position
  • General prenatal check-up:
    • Abdominal palpation (position of the baby)
    • Abdominal examination (growth of the baby)
    • Pelvic examination
  • Advice & guidance